When Should You Hire Web Design Help?

A Guide to Redesigning Your Website – Part 6

When Should You Hire Web Design Help?

A Guide to Redesigning Your Website – Part 6

Websites have many aspects

There are several aspects to building a website. Code makes it all possible, user experience design considers the needs of the user, graphics draw users in, content (text) persuades, advanced functionality allows users to execute tasks, and type styling builds your brand.

Each of these aspects should affect your decision on how you get your website redesign done. Each of these aspects is important in its own way, bringing a different dimension to the table. Each aspect combines to create a final product that in the end will be powerful and effective website or a confusing and unproductive online experience.

“Inbound” marketing

Inbound Marketing is a set of methods and techniques that attracts prospects to your website with helpful, relevant content. Once there, it guides them through the sales journey and ultimately encourages them to become a repeat customer.


An agency can help you turn your website into a lead generation machine, giving you a much higher return on your investment into your new website.

Agencies have full teams of skilled staff that each bring a valuable piece of expertise to the table. Agencies can also provide objective consulting advice, allowing you to create more than just a website, they can help you create online sales strategies that drive potential customers through an online journey of discovery and engagement.

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