Off-Page SEO: Link Building/Popularity

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Part 5

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Off-Page SEO: Link Building/Popularity

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Part 5

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Unlike on-page optimization, off-page SEO relies on outside web pages to increase your site’s popularity. Off- page SEO deals with link-building factors. If your site obtains a high quality link, your site can rank higher.

Strategic link building increases the traffic to your website and its position in SERPs. Below are the most important ways you must incorporate off-page optimization.

This also works in reverse: When other webpages link back to you, this further increases your standing in SERPs. These backlinks are a sign to search engines that your page is relevant, popular, and credible, so much so that even other websites are linking to it.

Getting other sites to make external links to your site is a long process, but the effect it has on your ranking is well worth the effort. To do this, create engaging, unique content that others will naturally want to reference. Promote this content and encourage visitors to share it.

External Link Building: Quality and Quantity

External links are links that you can add to your content that refer your audience to another source of related information off your website. This strategy tells search engines that your website is adding value and resources for your audience.

The more domains that link to your site, the more popular and credible search engine algorithms will view your content. But not all links are created equal: A link to a popular site will raise your ranking more than a link to an obscure one.

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Social Media Sharing

Linking to popular review sites and popular social media channels are another great way to build your off-page SEO. These are excellent ways to get more visitors to share your pages with others, further increasing your site’s popularity.

Internal Link Building: Keep them on your site

Internal links send visitors to other pages on your site. Having these links also positively affects your ranking, and they are a great way to push visitors deeper into your website. As visitors peruse your content, internal links easily guide them to page after page related information, increasing the dwell time and decreasing the bounce rate of visitors to your site. This, in turn, increases your site’s popularity.


The location of the link plays a role in the algorithm. If the link is prominent on the site, such as on the homepage, the back-link will be worth more to search engines.

Anchor Text

The text of the link itself is also a chance to increase your relevancy. An external link with closely related keywords will increase your site’s relevancy more than a link with unrelated keywords.

No Paid Links

Natural links are better than paid links. Search Engine algorithms are built to recognize and penalize sites that buy links from other sites.

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