Mobile Design, Branding, & Content Management Systems

A Guide to Redesigning Your Website – Part 4

Mobile Design, Branding, & Content Management Systems

A Guide to Redesigning Your Website – Part 4

Mobile-friendly (Responsive) Web Design

In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices. The amount web traffic coming from mobile devices is rising every year. In order to stay relevant among users, it is important to have a website or web application that is optimized for those all different screen sizes.

Responsive design in when a website’s layout adapts or “responds” to a variety of screen sizes, including the small screens on mobile phones. Having a responsive website will give your site a better search ranking, gives users a much better mobile user experience, can increase the number of leads generated on your website, and can also increase your website conversion rate.

A responsive website design will help you stay ahead of your competition. If your website is currently not optimized for a responsive mobile layout, chances are that you have reason enough to redesign already.


An effective brand is interesting, repetitive, and consistent. A website’s most basic purpose is branding. Therefore, creating a solid visual identity is an important first step before you begin building your website. In other words, a great brand will lead to a great website.

Your brand is like your business’s personality—intangible, encapsulating all of your customers’ perceptions about your business. What personality traits does your brand project? Your customers will form a perception of your business based on every interaction they have with it. A carefully developed visual identity can help guide brand perception.

Your logo is incredibly valuable because it is an opportunity to communicate visually. Communicating visually helps people to retain the information more readily, allowing them to make a connection when they see the same design in different channels at different times. Logo design also gives the marketer an opportunity to put a creative, memorable spin on the name by portraying it in a graphical way.

Developing a great brand is an essential aspect of communicating with your customers. At the simplest level, your business needs a name. How can you communicate about yourself without a name to refer to? However, an effective brand is capable of doing much more than just acting as a name tag. A creative, well-designed brand can help you build and sustain your customers’ interest.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Websites can be and should be regularly updated. A Content Management System (CMS) is a way for administrators of a website to log in and make updates or add content to a website and even play with the design without having to edit code. It also provides ways to allow different levels of access, like, if for example, you want to let a writer add blog entries to your site, but do not want to grant him access to the main pages.

WordPress is the most popular platform and is probably the most flexible CMS in terms of allowing you to add just about anything to your website later on.

It is advisable to establish a team who is regularly adding new content to your site. Content should be organized and managed by a content manager. There should also be additional team members who function as writers, all sharing responsibilities, so that productivity is maximized but workloads stay manageable.

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