Developing Marketing Content

Foundations for Successful Marketing – Part 3

Developing Marketing Content

Foundations for Successful Marketing – Part 3

Writing content that matters

As you begin to develop your campaign’s content, consider what basic information you will want to communicate about your company to your customers – company policies, history, service stats, testimonials – as well as information about your specific product or service. Providing an overview of who and what you are, your business identity and operational procedures can be helpful in presenting your ‘company personality’, reflecting your corporate culture and priorities.

You should also develop value propositions custom- targeting major customer types, addressing their pain points, offering your product/service as a solution to their specific problem, determining where on their customer journey you should best intersect with them to convert them from prospect to customer.

Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can be a challenge, and you might have to go through a few iterations before you can clearly and effectively identify the unique advantages you offer your customers. But defining your USP gives you the leverage to differentiate yourself from all of the other options available in the marketplace.

Figure out your USP and then gear all of your marketing efforts toward communicating that to your customers.

Don’t Ignore Your Competition

All too often, we see businesses launch into a marketing strategy without giving serious consideration to their competition. As you know, any marketing strategy’s success is determined by the response rates and conversion rates of your business’ customers.

Your customers are always seeking the best deal for themselves, generally defined as receiving the highest value for the lowest price. If you don’t know what your competition is offering, and how you can offer something better – lower price, better service, faster shipping, higher value – you could end up wasting your marketing efforts and resources if your competition simply provides a better offer and your potential customer ends up hiring them instead of you.

Assessing your competition, their offer, and their pricing – and designing your offering to exceed theirs – is a crucial foundational step to a successful marketing campaign.

What Is Your Competitive Advantage?

Having defined your USP and studied your competition, you should then define the competitive advantage(s) you offer – the key differentiators that set you above your competition. Understanding and defining these can have a huge impact on your marketing campaign.

Determine what you can do better, faster, more efficiently, more affordably – and promote that compelling message in all of your marketing efforts.

Demonstrate to your customer the clear differentiation between your business and that of your competition. You may find it advisable to narrow your focus to a certain segment of the market, geared toward a specific type of customer or specific application of your product within the broader marketplace, if that enhances your competitive advantage.

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