Building a Modern Marketing Funnel

A Modern Approach to Marketing Sales Funnels – Part 2

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Building a Modern Marketing Funnel

A Modern Approach to Marketing Sales Funnels – Part 2

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The modern marketing funnel uses digital marketing tools and strategies to guide potential customers through each step of the buyer’s journey. At each stage of the funnel, your customers will receive personalized messages, guiding them toward the information they need to feel secure about their decision and make the purchase.

You may notice that some goals and channels appear in more than one part of the funnel, while others are very specific to a particular stage. Well-executed digital marketing strategies can often serve more than one purpose, meeting different prospects at different points in their buyer’s journey.

Let’s break down each part of the modern marketing funnel, exploring how each digital marketing channel/ strategy helps us reach the goals of that funnel.

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The customer is aware of a need

Early in the buyer’s journey, the potential customer is just becoming aware that they have a need of some kind, but they may only have a vague idea of how to take care of that need. For example, a homeowner may find that a stray baseball has broken their window.

They are now aware of their problem, but they don’t know the solution. At this stage, the customer will begin to conduct research online—how-to videos, prices of glass panes, local repair people in the area, etc.

They are just beginning to search for answers, but they are not ready to be convinced to buy anything yet.

Goals: Be found, add value, build trust.

At this point, your goal is to get your site in front of the potential customer. Designing your website and social media to appear as high as possible on their searches, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is crucial. If customers are looking for answers, the best way to get their attention is to give them those answers with helpful, relevant content.

Constantly adding and updating your content to give the answers customers are looking for is Content Marketing. Not only does this attract potential customers by giving them the information they want, it also adds value to your product/service and builds trust in the prospect’s mind. You are not making a pitch. You are just being helpful and demonstrating your knowledgeability in this area.

There may be several sites with helpful information, though. Build more trust in their mind with Social Media Advertising. Constantly monitor social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to gain familiarity, build up reviews, and get in front of the potential customer again in different channels.

Digital Advertising can also help prospects find you by increasing the likelihood that they will find your site. Payper-click (PPC) search ads, display ads, Facebook ads, and other digital advertising techniques can be enough to get that all-important first click, or serve as a reminder to someone who has already visited your site to check you out again to get more information.

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The customer is considering you

By now, the customer has done a fair amount of research and has explored various options. Your product/ service has caught their eye, but they have not yet decided if you are their best investment. They need more convincing, and they may have very specific questions.

Goals: Be an industry leader, answer questions, provide value-added information, build trust, reduce risk

Content Marketing is just as important now as it was in getting the prospect’s attention. They are interested, but now you must use your content to establish yourself as an industry leader. If the content on your site is not answering their questions, they will abandon your site and find one that does.

Provide various value-added information, such as opt-ins, e- Books, downloadables, invitations to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and more. These can often be traded for email information, opening up huge possibilities to reach interested prospects with Email Marketing. Don’t waste time on uninterested leads: If a visitor to your site is willing to give you their email address for your content, they are considering your product/service. You can now contact them directly, track their behavior on your site, and more.

Visitors at this point may have very specific questions that the articles, videos, or downloadables are not answering. Offering Live Chat can give these interested prospects a direct line of communication to your representatives, who can answer any questions quickly and thoroughly.

When visitors are trying to decide if you are trustworthy or not, they often turn to online reviews. Having a comprehensive Review Management system in place will ensure that you have enough reviews to convince them that you are dependable. Getting more reviews will even raise your standing in search engine results, increasing the likelihood you will be found by future visitors. You can even address poor reviews, discussing and possibly solving issues with unhappy customers, before the negative review ever goes live.

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The customer may be ready to purchase

By this stage, the customer has done a considerable amount of research and is seriously considering investing in your product/service.

Goals: Remind customer, provide incentive, stay top-of-mind, demonstrate quality/ value, repeat business, advocate

A surprising number of customers get to the point where they have added your product to their online shopping cart, but they abandon the cart before checking out. They may do so because the checkout process is poorly designed, or they have lingering questions. Adequate Product Optimization ensures that they checkout process is secure and clear, eliminating potential confusion. If they do still have lingering questions, setting up a Live Chat can give these highly interested prospects a direct line of communication to your representatives, who can address any issues inhibiting them from finalizing the sale.

Email Marketing, as discussed before, gives you another way of reaching out to these highly interested prospects with a personalized message to remind them to complete their purchase. It also gives you an opportunity to promote special offers, giving them an incentive to complete the sale.

Social Media Advertising will also allow you to get in front of those potential customers who have put something in their cart but haven’t checked out yet.

Remember that the old marketing funnel ended with a purchase. Digital marketing strategies, however, enable you to expand the bottom of the funnel well after a purchase is made, encouraging repeat business. By connecting to customers with Email Marketing and Social Media, you have opened a line of communication to encourage them to shop with you again. Combining these strategies with effective Review Management will propel these customers to even advocate for you, sharing their positive experience with your product/service on various digital channels. Again, you can monitor these reviews and address negative ones before they are posted online.

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