A Buyer’s Journey through the Marketing Funnel

A Modern Approach to Marketing Sales Funnels – Part 3

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A Buyer’s Journey through the Marketing Funnel

A Modern Approach to Marketing Sales Funnels – Part 3

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Imagine One Hypothetical Buyer

Every buyer moves through the marketing funnel differently. They may not explore every channel you have in place. It may take minutes, days, weeks, or more. Your product/service simply may not be a good fit for them.

Even so, it is helpful to imagine one hypothetical buyer’s journey to see how the digital marketing tools and strategies discussed above can meet him at his various stages.

Let’s follow an example buyer “Mark” through his buyer’s journey, noting how the various digital tools discussed above can meet him at each stage of the marketing funnel.

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Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

  • Mark’s bathroom sink faucet stops working. Mark Googles ways to troubleshoot/fix faucets, finds a helpful DIY video. (SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising)
  • Mark learned from the video that his faucet needs to be replaced. He visits the company website. (Content Marketing)
  • Mark finds helpful content on the website on how to replace an old faucet and signs up to receive more tips. (Content Marketing, Email Marketing)
  • Mark scrolls through his Facebook feed and sees an ad for a new bathroom faucet. (Social Media Advertising)
  • Mark receives his welcome email and visits the website again. (Email marketing)
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Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

  • The next day, Mark searches online again and sees a display ad with an offer for a faucet he showed interest in the day before. Mark clicks the ad and visits the product page. (Digital Advertising, Special Offer)
  • Mark has more questions about the faucet and engages with a rep via live chat. The operator answers his questions and directs him to all of the products he needs to accomplish his work (Live Chat)
  • Mark likes the experience he had with the company so far, but he wants to be sure, so he reads the reviews for each faucet (Review Management)
  • Mark is satisfied he made the right decision. He adds the faucet and necessary tools to his cart, but he does not have his credit card with him so he does not check out immediately
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Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)

  • The next day, Mark gets an email with a reminder to finish checking out, offering free shipping on his first purchase (Email Marketing, Special Offer). Mark now has his card with him, so he completes the transaction.
  • Mark’s products are delivered. He gets an email with an ask for a review. Mark gives the company a 5-star review on Google and Facebook (Email marketing, Review Management)
  • Mark continues to engage with company through Facebook and personalized emails for products that could help him on future house projects (Social Media, Email Marketing)


Again, every customer will have a different journey through the modern marketing funnel. One customer may already know what kind of product they want, moving quickly through the TOFU. Another may not use social media very often, relying on research and live chat more than Facebook. Another may checkout quickly and not need email reminders or special promotions to finalize the purchase.

The point is not to necessarily use every tool on every customer. The goal is to have every tool available so you can address as many prospects’ needs as possible.

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