15 Facebook Hacks for Beginners – Part 1

15 Facebook Hacks for Beginners – Part 1

1. Organic Posts

As a business, reaching your audience on Facebook is not as easy as it once was. In an effort to limit the amount of advertising people see on their feeds, the platform has drastically restricted the reach of your posts. The best way to improve your reach is to create content that is attractive, relevant to your audience and that creates engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

2. Post Schedule

Create a posting schedule that you will be able to maintain. We recommend a minimum of one post per day to help customers stay engaged. As your page grows, review your insights to learn more about your audience and their visits to your page. Using this data, make adjustments to your posting schedule to test your optimal posting frequency and schedule.

3. Creative/Copywriting

The most effective way to boost engagement on your Facebook posts is to use strong graphics and headlines. Your post needs to be bold enough to stop a scroller and encourage them to explore it more. The more hyper-focused you can be on a niche or a really targeted audience, the higher your chances of connecting with them.

4. Reviews

Ask your customers to share a review of their experience with you on Facebook. Reviews play an important role in aiding customers with their buying decision. Reviews are also a major part of search engines algorithms and affect whether or not your page will be shown in search results. The more 4 and 5-star reviews you receive, the greater your chances for attracting and converting clients.

5. Facebook Live/ Video Content

Video content receives more engagement and therefore a higher reach than image posts. Facebook live allows you to broadcast your message in real time. The beauty of Facebook live is that the viewer is not expecting a production-quality video. This allows you to easily build an engaged audience and promote your product or service.

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